Lexus Parts & Service Dealer Digital Advertising Program

The Lexus Parts & Service Dealer Digital Advertising Program improves traffic to your website, service drives and ultimately, help increase your revenue and profits by allowing you to better compete in today’s highly competitive digital marketing landscape.

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Lexus Parts & Service Dealer Digital Advertising Program

Consumers are increasingly relying on Search for Parts & Service information and decisions. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) should be a key component of a dealership’s digital parts and service marketing strategy. The Lexus Parts & Service Dealer Digital Advertising Program connects you with the biggest names in automotive digital marketing to provide you the choice in who supports your Fixed Ops digital advertising efforts.

Key Program Advantages:

  • Increase click traffic to Dealer website, leading to potential increased appointments and revenue
  • 30% Lexus Co-op applied to Search Engine Marketing (SEM) monthly spend
  • Pushes competitors and independent shops off the main Search Results Page
  • Dealers have a choice between 4 advertising providers vetted by Lexus
  • Provider compliance and benchmark reporting
  • Brand and digital standards integrated into all services
  • Streamline billing via Dealers Parts statement

Enrollment Steps

1. Research Your Options

A choice of providers allows you to select a unique look and tailored content to differentiate your Parts and Service campaigns. Each provider offers a menu of options, reporting and support to help you meet your marketing objectives while allowing you a unique blend of campaigns.

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2. Select a Provider

3. Complete Enrollment

After researching your Certified Digital Advertising Providers and feature options, it is time to complete enrollment. Still have questions about providers or features? Contact the Lexus Digital Help Desk at or 877-230-1565.

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