Lexus Parts & Service Dealer Digital Advertising Program

The Lexus Parts & Service Dealer Digital Advertising Program improves traffic to your website, service drives and ultimately, help increase your revenue and profits by allowing you to better compete in today’s highly competitive digital marketing landscape.|877-230-1565

Building Connected Customers for Life

At Affinitiv, our single corporate goal is to partner with our clients to build connected customers for life through smart, agile, data‐driven technology solutions. We are proud to offer Digital, SEM, Display, Video and Social products as important components of our integrated solutions. As administrators of the Lexus ENGAGE program, we have a unique understanding of the Lexus’ brand philosophy and first-hand experience delivering exceptional solutions in this ever‐changing, fast paced service marketplace. By receiving daily Repair Orders from Lexus for all dealers we are able to ensure all communications are up to date and relevant.

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By executing carefully designed, targeted keyword campaigns and search strategies, we drive quality traffic to the most relevant landing pages available. With compelling incentives and value statements, we achieve a higher click‐thru rate and maximize the consumer’s time on site.

  • Design, development and maintenance of consumer‐friendly micro‐site / landing page
  • Geo‐targeting within the dealer’s PMA
  • Unique call tracking number
  • Keyword targeting for service and parts
  • Multiple search campaign creation


Beyond typical content marketing, Affinitiv Social Media marketing features an intricate level of targeting through its Social Media ad campaigns. The monetization of social media is the new reality in the wake of consumer information overload.Our foundation in data management enables us to methodically decipher the digital footprints left behind by consumers and match them with the big data partnerships in the social media platforms (Facebook only). At Affinitiv we consider Social Media the new Paid Search, and we manage our campaigns with the same finesse as our paid search campaigns.


Display Ad creatives are generated using images and copy designed to appeal to the criteria identified. Response rates are measured via Google Analytics code placed on the targeted websites. Google Analytics is also used to ensure optimization and campaign source tracking. Measuring time on site ensures the response is relevant. If response time on site is low, ads are recreated or re‐targeted.Ad placement is scaled according to budget and target goals. Multiple campaigns are deployed using the audience network and data criteria for the offers provided.


As consumers are spending more time online, their recreational web‐surfing is exceeding their TV viewing time. According to a recent study by eMarketer, just 4 years ago, consumers spent an equal amount of time surfing the web and watching TV. Today, they have exceeded their TV watching time with the internet by nearly 2 hours. Car buyers and service shoppers are no exception. Video has become the virtual test drive and resource for automotive services. Affinitiv helps leverage this eye-catching medium by developing customized content and campaigns.