Lexus Parts & Service Dealer Digital Advertising Program

The Lexus Parts & Service Dealer Digital Advertising Program improves traffic to your website, service drives and ultimately, help increase your revenue and profits by allowing you to better compete in today’s highly competitive digital marketing landscape.|877-230-1565

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DOM360 is your full service digital marketing partner built to move your business forward. We offer both digital and traditional services to deliver automotive marketing solutions that bring more traffic, more leads and more sales. Our services come backed by teams of experts in their fields including the best and brightest in graphic design, SEO, SEM, display, video, social media and more. We live and breath the automotive business with a team that has over 100 years of combined dealership marketing experience. Our teams work together to create and execute your marketing message in an integrated approach. We stay on the cutting edge of industry and digital technology to keep you one step ahead, delivering unrivaled service and results. DOM360 provides all of your automotive marketing services under one roof.

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SEM/PPC Advertising

DOM360 takes an integrated approach with Search Engine Marketing, allowing for a consistent message across every medium and reducing moving parts in your SEM plan. Our experienced and certified specialists build customized campaigns and monitor them daily to maximize your performance, including the success of your click through rate, impression share, total leads and more. Through the management of our Google AdWords certified Search Engine Marketing specialists and accounts teams, your business is able to reach 90% of internet users. As a Google partner, DOM360 stays on the cutting edge of SEM/PPC trends and digital technology as a whole.

Search Ads

  • Custom ads integrated with national or regional offers and ad extensions
  • Desktop and mobile
  • Phone call tracking for reporting
  • Managed daily for performance

Display Ads

  • Custom artwork for monthly campaigns
  • Mirror national campaigns when applicable
  • Phone call tracking for reporting
  • Use of Google Display Network

Social Advertising

The number of people using social media on a daily basis is at an all-time high...and doesn’t look to slow down anytime soon. Social media is no longer limited to college students or young professionals --consumers of every demographic are now engaging with friends and businesses on social media platforms. This then begs the question: If your customers are on social media, shouldn’t you be?That’s where we come in. Our digital marketing team will help you cut through the cluttered social media landscape to reach your customers with the right message at the right time. We utilize the latest technology available through our partnerships with companies like Oracle to ensure that your ads are targeted to consumers based on retail purchasing behavior, demographic information, and financial data...just to name a few. Want to know how well it’s performing? Our social media service is backed by technology through our dashboard that gathers all your social media touch-points so that you can see real - time information on KPI’s such as spend, reach, clicks, and conversions in one convenient, easy to use place.

Video Advertising

DOM360 offers a solution to your video creation, video publishing, and online video campaign needs. Consumers connect with you through video, giving you the ability to build a brand through a diverse video campaign, and our in-house production team creates a consistent message with your other media while eliminating the cost of hiring an outside production team. Compelling video can help boost your Google rank, leading to the expanded reach of shoppers. We offer a full video solution for your brand’s digital advertising needs that corresponds with the display and social campaigns to create a comprehensive advertising solution.Our digital experts will optimize your campaigns to appear in search results for Youtube videos, appear as Youtube video pre-roll advertisements, and populate other networks such as Facebook and Instagram using your social media advertising campaigns. We also partner with providers of programmatic video options like SpotX to ensure that your ads can appear on major third party outlets like news, sports, and other video-centric national websites.

Comprehensive Reporting

DOM360's exclusive reporting tool offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to see the impact of your marketing strategies in real time in one centralized dashboard, increasing efficiency and effectiveness and letting you track your ROI.

Our People and Experience

  • Partner in the Toyota Parts and Service Dealer Digital Advertising Feature
  • Over 100 years of combined dealership marketing experience
  • Certified with Google AdWords, Microsoft Ad Center and Facebook
  • Daily management with consulting
  • Hands-on, customized approach to SEM
  • Precise Budget Management and Reporting