Lexus Parts & Service Dealer Digital Advertising Program

The Lexus Parts & Service Dealer Digital Advertising Program improves traffic to your website, service drives and ultimately, help increase your revenue and profits by allowing you to better compete in today’s highly competitive digital marketing landscape.|877-230-1565

SmartAdvertising: A fully unified digital advertising platform for Lexus dealers

PureCars’ approach to successful digital advertising for Fixed Operations leverages the same industry-leading SmartAdvertising technology that has helped thousands of dealers beat their competition to sell more new and used vehicles. We offer an integrated multi-channel digital advertising solution to dealers which ensures they are delivering the most relevant ads to shoppers who are most likely to purchase their services. Our platform executes across all advertising channels, including search, display, programmatic video, Facebook, Instagram; and our ad units are optimized across all device types including mobile, tablet, and desktop. But beyond our award-winning technology, we’re more than a provider. Working with PureCars means you’ll have a true partner in digital success. By combining your dealership’s business goals with our technology, we’re able to make data-driven advertising decisions that are more relevant to your strategic goals. The benefit? You’ll make the most of your budget while serving the most relevant ads to the customers most likely to purchase your services.

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Dominate with Digital

- Most direct mail and emails don’t get opened. With digital, your message reaches your customers where they spend the most time: online.
- Your customers can easily request service appointments directly in Facebook with lead ads
- Maximize the value of your CRM data and expand your reach

The benefit: reach existing customers more often

Conquest competition and the independents

- Use your existing CRM data to target prospects with similar behaviors to your customers
- Use exclusive coupons and incentives to pull in a large group of non-loyal service buyers

The benefit: attract new service customers with conquesting

Technology + Data

- Target your shoppers at the zip-code level
- Leverages data from your CRM to serve ads to service customers

The benefit: drives higher conversions in-store

Cross-Screen Syndication

Our single platform technology executes across all screens and media channels to serve the right ad to the right person at the opportune time in their path to service.

The benefit: you’ll gain more service center customers, we do the work and make it look easy.

Partner in Success

Our tech is just a piece of the story. A Strategy Manager, Performance Managers, and a Digital Strategist are on your team to optimize strategy, maximize your spend and make digital easy. We’re not a provider, we’re proud our clients call us a partner.